Laurie Gunton is extremely invaluble in moving. She helps with packing, disposing of unwanted articles and after the move; unpacking, etc. Laurie is hardworking,trustworthy and pleasant. She doesn’t waste time and is a great organizer. She certainly made my move possible. I would not have survived without her. I’m very happy to highly recommend Laurie. Margaret Barrett

My wife and I decided to move from a large townhouse to a three-bedroom apartment. We are both in our seventies and in reasonably good health, but the thought of moving became a little overwhelming: what to take , store or give away, that was always the question. We knew Laurie Gunton through our daughter and heard that she had set up Smooth Move for Seniors. Laurie had completed all of the necessary courses, so we hired her to help us make it all happen. This was one of the best things that we did! Laurie is a happy young woman, always willing to step in when needed and an excellent packer and organizer. I would not hesitate to recommend her if you are planning a move. Sue and Peter Sisam

Over 20 years of clutter that included three children’s years of sports, school and many other activities needed to be sorted through and then dealt with as part of preparing for a move.  Laurie took each drawer, cupboard, box, closet and room and sorted everything quickly and efficiently to allow me to easily review what were keepers, dump items, Goodwill, or otherwise. She also cleaned out this 4 car garage, so we can actually park our cars inside!
Laurie then boxed, labeled and put away what was being kept.  She made multiple trips to the dump and Goodwill.  She found shredding services for us, too. Honestly, I would NEVER have been able to get through what she did in such short order and with so little hassle myself.  Her service was absolutely outstanding!  I’ve told everyone about it! Shelley Connolly

Recently my wife and I (age 88 and 90) decided to move to a retirement home. There were oodles of clothing and furniture that we had t get rid of or give away etc. Into our lives came a very polite, intelligent young lady with a pleasing personality and pleasant smile. She took over this daunting task of helping us move. A more determined, persevering and delightful person you will ever meet. She was punctual, constantly at our beck and call and a tireless worker. She worked miracles on an impossible task and made our move more bearable. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly for the task she is obviously well suited for. Dr. Robert Farber

I have lived in Leaside for many years and have the pleasure of knowing Laurie for the past 15 years.  Laurie has done excellent work for me in the past.  Laurie is hard working, reliable, honest and trustworthy. Laurie is offering to help with downsizing, moving, shopping, gardening and any other large or small jobs which need to be done and for which you need help.  Based on my experience with her I believe she is very qualified to do these types of assignments.   I am confident that anything you ask of Laurie it will be done quickly and efficiently. Joan Melchers

From the moment Laurie Gunton came on board until the last box for charity was loaded into her van, we felt guided and supported in the very difficult task of sorting through our mother’s belongings. Her professional yet compassionate approach helped us to navigate the monumental task of planning, sorting and distributing the possessions. The cleaning aspect was organized and thorough. All of the essential steps were outlined and covered by Laurie in an orderly and timely fashion. We cannot recommend her highly enough Graeme and Elizabeth Laing

Two weeks ago we moved from a three story home which we bought thirty five years ago to a one story condo. The decision to move was accelerated by the fact that my Husband had his leg amputated five months ago.

We were very lucky to have found Smooth Moves for Seniors. This service is owned and run by Laurie Gunton.

She was fabulous. She came to the house several times to pack, having provided the boxes and wrappings. She also filled her car several times with unwanted items for charity, or to the dump with rejects, and to appropriate venders with items to be sold. Besides this she selected the movers, who turned out to be wonderful. Her husband and sons also helped to make the move as smooth as it was. Laurie has a way of anticipating things we never thought of, i.e. buying felt pads for chairs to save the newly re finished hardwood floors.

We would not hesitate to highly recommend Smooth Moves for Seniors. Laurie is very competent and   a charming person to deal with. Besides this, she is super energetic and enthusiastic. She makes a daunting task very manageable. We are very grateful for all her help. —Valerie and David Christie

Thank you for helping me out so much with my move to Concorde Place. I am indebted to you for all your hard work and finding a new home for all the items I got rid of!!
The movers were great and so efficient in every way…..they got it all done very quickly considering all the boxes and extrasI had…I would recommend  you and the moving  company without any hesitation to any of my friends who are considering their next move.

Thanks you again…you are fantastic and you have a very warm personality…  —Cathie McCormick

It was a lucky day for me when a colleague at Royal LePage suggested that I enlist the services of Laurie Gunton (Smooth Move for Seniors) to clear my client’s home.
Although this Seller was already living comfortably in a seniors home, she was reluctant to part with belongings she had accumulated over 75 years in that house. Refined and diplomatic in her approach, SMFS was most considerate of her feelings and proceeded with her assignment on time. SMFS laboured for 6 weeks, sorting, packing, moving and distributing “the stuff” always being accountable for the smallest items and taking changes of direction with good humour and compliance.
I could not have closed this sale on time without their hard work and resolve! As we all know, most seniors are non compliant and it takes a professional like SMFS to handle the daily chores, appease their concerns and end up on a happy note.

I owe Laurie Gunton a grateful thanks. —Elizabeth Low / Jethro Seymour (Sales Representative, Accredited Senior Agent.Future Group Realty Services Ltd., Brokerage, Toronto / Broker, Toronto Listing Specialist. Royal LePage R.E.S., Ltd. Johnston & Daniel Division)

“Laurie was instrumental in helping us move our Dad to a retirement home, and her help was greatly appreciated. Her cheerful and pragmatic manner ensured that the move went smoothly. Always patient and respectful, Laurie helped us sort through a multitude of items, packing his belongings and facilitating the donation of other items. She created a workable floor plan in his new home, was onsite during moving day and generally coordinated and organized a lot of moving pieces. Laurie recommended and liaised with movers, researched storage facilities, made numerous trips to goodwill, put us in touch with an auction house and generally supported all of us throughout the move. Invaluable was her onsite support and management of moving day. We would recommend her to others who are moving or downsizing.” —Kathryn Cronin & Heather Montgomery

During 2017 I moved from a house into an Apartment.  Smooth Move for Seniors assisted me with every aspect of the move.

They were pleasant to work with, always competent, polite and thoughtful, anticipating problems in time to deal with them in advance. Laurie is an unusually strong young woman and does not tire easily. Laurie is experienced and very careful at moving all kinds of household goods.  She carries essentials in her vehicle having an endless supply of boxes, bubble wrap, strings, tapes and tools, etc., available.

Smooth Move for Seniors was always on time, or early. They kept in touch by telephone when not on site. They have a wide outreach to other businesses, which can extend their services. When required, Smooth Move for Seniors was able to have a dumpster placed on my driveway and later rented a conveniently located locker when it was needed.

Moving involves disposing of all sorts of items. SMFS was versatile in working with everyone from Antique Dealers to Charity pick-ups. They had many good ideas as to where difficult articles could be sold or at least, unloaded.

When an unexpected health situation arose, Laurie made a quick run to the Hospital and took charge upon arrival.

Over a period of six months Laurie made herself available to help this very senior lady whose own family resources were minimal and distant. This move from an over-furnished, long established home to a generously–sized Apartment was a major feat !

I cannot imagine how it could have been accomplished without the caring assistance of Smooth Move for Seniors.Dorothy DeHaas